Dua Lipa covers Music Week: “I’m doing things I never had the courage to do before”

Dua Lipa covers the latest issue of Music Week, which will be released next week on April 23rd. The magazine have shared some highlights (below) ahead of the full cover story becoming available both digitally and online upon its release.

Dua Lipa on making Radical Optimism
“It was about being able to dictate. Before, I wasn’t as confident in my craft. I definitely feel so much better about who I am as an artist and a songwriter, what I want to do and say and how I want to say it.”

Dua Lipa on taking control
“I think I trusted that other people knew better than me, and in some ways they did because they were more experienced. But I’ve just been learning to follow my gut and do the learning myself, rather than rely on other people’s knowledge.”

Dua Lipa on Radical22
“It’s about having control over my music, having the final say over what happens to it. As an artist, it’s important to understand that this is a business.”

Dua Lipa on Glastonbury
“Glastonbury has always been the pinnacle. It’s my favourite festival. I’m so grateful for the trust that Emily [Eavis] has put in me and I’ll make sure it’s great. It’s the biggest show of my life, so I’m gonna make sure I don’t fuck it up!”

Dua Lipa on Joe Kentish
“I wouldn’t have been able to do this without him. I love it when he comes into the studio – he’s someone who I really want to impress, so every time I play Joe music, I hear things differently and realise what needs to change without him even saying anything.”

Dua Lipa on being a ‘pop star’
“People want you to speak out about things that you believe in, create a safe space for fans, or talk about current issues or activism. But at the same time, a lot of people want you to not do that and they want their pop stars to just be very quiet, like, ‘Just sing your song and don’t get involved in politics.’”

Dua Lipa on the music business
“I think that people mistake artists as being away with the fairies, because we are preoccupied with the creative side and that’s the only thing we really want to be doing. People take advantage of that a lot. People are proper charlatans and they’ll try it!”

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Posted by admin on Apr 18, 2024

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